Nihon de Hajimete, Part 12: Pottery and Display Journal Part 3

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Continuing where we left off, today we take another visit to Shunkaen, Kimura’s garden, and S-Cube, and Yorozuen and check their pottery. So, without further ado:
Kobayashi San has one of the most impressive collections of antique and world class pottery available anywhere in Japan. Many of the containers on display and in the several sales areas are famous and published in exhibition albums(and those albums are always available nearby for you to take a look!).
There are several display areas, and, sadly, I didn’t get any decent photos of the upstairs display area with smaller and medium pots, but, suffice to say, it was impressive, nearly everything in pristine condition.

Kobayashi San showing us the large antique and specimen containers in the Shunkaen museum.


Shelves of antique and specimen pots in the sales area.

Another view.

A selection of Sharaku containers.

Some nice antique containers.

Old Crossing…

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