Revisiting a Raised-Root Cascade White Pine-

Michael Hagedorn

This tree has developed quite a bit in the last few years. The exposed roots have grown in size, and the development of the branches made our re-tweaking a bit more complete.

Konnor is a client who tosses a few trees in a car and drives across several state lines to spend a few days in my studio. I always look forward to his visits.

Enjoy our re-tweaking…!

June 2006 This was the original front in 2006…

April 2006 …and here’s the other side, also in 2006, beginning to toy with it as a new front.

DSC_0938 This is in January 2015, before we did anything.

DSC_0943 After branch-shortening pruning and needle thinning.

DSC_0946 Konnor sporting a ‘Telperion Farms’ sweatshirt…

DSC_0960 This pine was grown in a tub of pumice surrounding the akadama/pumice rootball for a couple of years, to give the tree a bit of ‘umph’.

DSC_0970 With the branches nearly set…only a few at the apex left…

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