My tree in the EBA 2013

Primo premio EBA 2013


Lone Wolf and Cub


EBA : Bonsai Exposition Audincourt France #1

P1210503_Snapseed P1210502_Snapseed



EBA : Bonsai Exposition Audincourt France #2

IMG_2174 IMG_2160_Snapseed IMG_2158_Snapseed


Michael Hagedorn

I’ll find any excuse to share photos of Chojubai!

A few of these photos are of older trees blooming in my yard this spring, in their new antique pots. (Love that oxymoron, ‘new antique’—new to me, but also old to me and everyone else). I’ve also included photos of younger plants I’m growing.

‘Chojubai’ is the cultivar name for a dwarf form of Japanese Flowering quince. Because of the scarcity of Chojubai bonsai in the United States, and because I enjoy working with them, a few years ago I started growing them in some volume. Even though the ability to develop woody plants is nearly unparalleled in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, it’ll still take me about 8 years to make a product I’m happy with, ready for a bonsai pot. In the meantime I’ll share a few of the Chojubai I’ve got going here, in various stages.

To date, pots with Chojubai outnumber…

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