Workshop in december

Melanie's dream's

This last december I had the opportunity to have tree workshop by my teacher. The first one was on a pinus sylvestis (scots pine), the second on a juniperus chinensis (juniper) and the third was on a picea abies (spruce) owned by Nicola himself.

Normaly I have an idea about the first styling on my trees, but in this case it was a little weared because he purchased 2 trees at a local nursery on my request. Off course he send me some pictures to be sure I will be happy with the material, but I had no idea about the real potential and let’s face it, his the teacher, I had to be happy. Would you contradict your teacher?

First: pinus sylvestris.
For me pines are the top of bonsai art and I consider them way to advanced for my knowledge at this moment, but I wanted a…

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Ishizuki di chojubai


Una pietra irlandese20131222-141221.jpg

Creo un estensione della roccia nel punto meno interessante, la parte piatta.20131222-141232.jpg

Ho fissato la rete di plastica con una colla bi componenti20131222-141316.jpg

Sul lato destro fisserò il chojubai20131222-141327.jpg

Ho incollato anche due fili d’ancoraggio.20131222-141339.jpg
Una pietra
Un chojubai

Il chojubai verrá fissato sulla roccia


Il lavoro ultimato, ho usato una tela di yuta per contenere il terriccio.20131222-141548.jpg

20131222-141556.jpgl’anno prossimo filerò i rami in modo che siano più ordinati