Swindon bonsai show 2014

Andys shohin bonsai

The swindon show has become over the years a real must view bonsai show on the UK bonsai calendar, and while the lighting this year had been replaced in the main hall for crisp white light giving superb conditions. The trees where of a superb quality, while all sizes where on show I was drawn to the shohin trees.

Very nice cork bark elm without as many have the inverse taper.

Another but this one has that classic inverse, but has good ramification.


Hornbeam size wise this is just outside shohin.

This one was interesting, while a nice idea I feel for me it was too large for the pagoda as the framework broke lines of the tree.

This chojubai is a favourite for me for shohin bonsai.


Here are a few of the accents that caught my eye.





Nothing quite says spring like snow drops.


This is a rare…

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Here There Be Dragons

Japanese Bonsai Pots Blog

A 19th century Japanese map, the Jishin-no-ben, depicting an ouroboros dragon which causes earthquakes.

While the title of this post comes from a phrase on a few older maps depicting uncharted or dangerous territory, there’s no danger here, although maybe there is a little uncharted territory.

Rather than a potter specific post or pots from my collection, today’s article will be the first in a series of articles which will focus on containers from a variety of potters, each with a specific theme, style, or glaze. Today: Dragon Pots!

Dragon by Katsushika Hokusai

The history and mythology of Dragons is long and fascinating, a thing that binds all cultures together in our collective mythology. Both the East and the West have mythological histories with dragons, though in the West dragons are almost solely regarded as evil(most likely a medieval link to the book of Revelations which refers to Satan as…

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