Workshop with Nicola Crivelli

Melanie's dream's

For someone starting out with bonsai, it’s always a nice thing to go at workshop’s. You meet new folks with the same interest, you see all kinds of trees, you learn new technique but for me the most important thing is talking to the „oldies“ and absorb all their knowledge in the short time throw out  the workshop.

Not all workshops are the same, there’s the theory ones, the one with lot of talking, the one with very little talking, the ones where there always somebody disturbing the group, and the ones where everybody is an expert and the one where you are alone with the master. If you have been in such workshops you know what I am talking about.

Last Saturday I went on a one-man-workshop!! It was only me and the master was concentrated in explain me everything in a way that I understood. I am still…

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